Fotográfica Films is conformed by photographers Cinda Miranda, Miguel Jose Flores, and their team of professionals in the different categories that include a photographic and video production. Eighteen years of experience and the necessary infrastructure to face the most demanding challenges of the market, are their greatest credentials. The creation, development and realization of advertising, artistic, corporate and institutional images for all their clients, are their supreme mission.

Services: photography digital retouching photo restoration video filming and editing art direction and styling

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@Fotográfica Films

@Fotográfica Films

Cinda Miranda is a portuguese photographer. Her artistic work has been exhibited in several galleries and museums in her country. People has always been the protagonist of her photography within natural environments and also surreal situations. 
Her powerful portraits are the result of the constant trips that Cinda has made throughout the world, encountering customs and cultures of different kinds, which have allowed her to deepen her vision of reality and transport it to her work in a genuine way, that has become her trademark. 
It also project Cinda's powerful landscape photos, product of her peculiar look to everything that surrounds her, encompassing and segmenting spaces and structures through her prodigious lens. In addition, her innate talent capturing everyday images of passersby in the streets, immersed in their realities, typical of each city that Cinda has stepped on, has made her documentary photography a wonderful and moving graphic register that reflects her enormous sensitivity.

Miguel Jose Flores is a peruvian photographer. He studied Communication Sciences in the Universidad de Lima, photography at the Instituto de Arte y Diseño Toulouse Lautrec, and also advertising and fashion photography at the Escuela de Fotografía Publicitaria Fotodesign in Buenos Aires, Argentina. His beginnings in photojournalism strengthened his vision of the world thru the lens of the camera, and since then, his professional evolution in photography has always been marked by a permanent search between the real thing and the unreal. That is reflected in the images he captures. His photographic work in the fashion field stands out notably, which has allowed him to publish in the most prestigious peruvian fashion magazines. He has also worked for many advertising campaigns and for the most important brands of his country. He comes along with a professional team of experts and the needed infrastructure to face the most demanding challenges of the photo advertising market. Miguel Jose currently resides in Lima, Peru. He is founder and owner of Fotográfica Films.

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